Monday, December 3, 2007

Weekend sports action

First off

Man they were awesome Saturday night. Gordon was on fire; when he plays like this I want to keep him. He was just in the zone Deng was playing like he is supposed to and someone must have spiked Big Ben's punch because he was awesome as well. He definately played like the $15 million dollar man. When he plays with that tyoe of energy they are hard to beat. Granted they played the Bobcats but nonetheless they play Dallas tonight and the Bobcats again this week. Hopefully they will bring their A+ game tonight if they leave their intensity at home it will be ugly.

And now onto The Bears

I thought that this game was theirs. Grossman looked good and the defense created turnovers that should have led to more points. However Hester's dropped touchdown pass, the offensive lines numerous penalties hurt us and then their inability to protect Grossman led to field goals instead of touchdowns. This game should have been won by two touchdowns, I mean Eli Manning practically gave the game to us. Oh well.

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