Thursday, December 13, 2007

An interview with Isiah

TDizzle: Good morning coach thank you for taking your time this morning.
Isiah: My pleasure T Dizzle.
TD: Let’s start off with the positive. You have a great eye for talent and finding some hidden gems. Can you walk me through your process?
IT: Well TDizzle we all have certain things we like, blondes, brunets, red heads
TD: Are we still talking about basketball?
IT: I am sorry I digressed. I look for a high basketball IQ and raw talent. In Toronto I drafted Marcus Camby and Tracy McGrady both of which I think you will agree are above average players. And here in New York I think I have drafted well Channing Frye, David Lee, Renaldo Balkman and
TD: Let’s not get too crazy here! I’ll give you Frye and Lee I think the jury is out on Balkman for another year or two. Now I want to move on to the construction of the current Knicks roster. What was your thinking? You trade for two shoot first guards, Marbury and Francis then sign Crawford, give away two lottery picks for an underachieving cardiac case in Curry and then your draft day trade for overweight malcontent Zach Randolph.. Why not construct a team like your Detroit teams Dumars, Rodman, and Laimbeer. You guys were nasty.
IT: That is a good question one that I have no answer to. But I will walk you through the process. When we acquired Marbury and Francis I thought no one has ever tried this before and quite honestly I had hoped they would drive each other to play at a higher level. However that didn’t happen. Then I added Crawford to push them. Still nothing, the only way this team could win is if we played with more than one ball on the court.
TD: You have failed in Indiana, drove the CBA into the ground and now the sexual harassment lawsuit has been settled, I guess the obvious question is there anything you can do to get fired?
IT: Believe me I ask myself that same question. When I got here I thought to myself what did I get myself into? I thought of quitting but I am a competitor and have never quit anything, failed yes; quit no. So I started with the wild contracts still nothing. Drive up the trade value for Curry when no one else was bidding, still nothing. Naturally I had to kick it into overdrive. Sexual harassment was the next logical step.
TD: I don’t see that but I’ll take your word on thanks again.
IT: My pleasure TDizzle.

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