Friday, December 7, 2007

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Thought on mall security

I am not trying to poke fun at the tragedy in Omaha. But on my way back from the library I saw an article at the news stand that bothered me. It read “Tragedy in Omaha opens old debate about arming mall security guards”. What? Did I miss something? I support the second amendment and I am a firearm owner but I never have heard of this argument. I am not sure I want some of the people I’ve seen as mall guards picking out their own clothes let alone having the option of deadly force. I mean have you seen some of these mouth breathers? Some of the ads I’ve seen practically scream felons and the mentally unstable encouraged to apply! I am willing to bet fifty percent of them are people who cannot pass the psychological exam for their local police departments and spent their time trolling the food court searching for a girl who loves a man in uniform. I am sure the girls are dreaming of riding in the mall golf cart and getting their hands on your minimum wage level paycheck. The next twenty five percent are the local Rambo’s walking around like Jack Bauer waiting for some crisis to arise so they can pull their concealed boot knife and save the day. They have attempted to join the military and either been rejected or are in the National Guard and want the danger to extend from one weekend a month to their everyday lives. The final twenty five percent are off duty police officers who are trained on the proper use of deadly force. I am fine with these people guarding the malls but the other two stick to Call of Duty and role playing games.

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