Wednesday, December 19, 2007

IT rant of the week

I've not had one of these in a while so here it goes. The past week we've had e-mail problems at our HQ. The problem is with the bridgehead server. What is a bridgehead server you ask? This server basically transfer mail from our agency to the outside world. We have no redundancy built into the system. This is what we call in my country stupid! Well when the server shits the bed what do they do to notify us? Drum roll please! Send us an e-mail! Survey says stupid! I believe it was 1876 when Alexander Graham Bell invented something called the telephone which is still in use today. Why not call us! Because it makes too much sense to keep us in the loop! All we hear from our upper management is service your customers at your site. How can we do this if we have no idea what is going on? I think that we have seagull management. What is that you ask? Someone who swoops in shits all over the place then flies away. These are the same people who frustrate anyone who has any technical expertice and when they leave hire people who have no clue what they are doing to replace them and work to death the people who chose to stay with their unrealistic expectations.

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