Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My Sox, My Sox! Why have you forsaken me!

Jesus uttered words very similar to this before he died on the cross. Not that I am raising the Sox to the level of deity because I am not but I feel this way. Kenny Williams has blown it again. First we needed a shortstop we loose out on Edgar Renteria to the Tigers. But no fear we resign Juan Uribe! Uribe blows. Then we try to land Torii Hunter and out of nowhere come the Angels and sign him. The Angels! Then we trade for Orlando Cabrera who is not bad but he is thirty-three! In shortstop years that is old. We give up Garland to get him. Garland is twenty-eight and has been a workhorse. Williams didn't want to pay him is what it boiled down to. Hasn't Kenny heard of diminished skills? That is usually the age when players in his position start to decline. Andruw Jones is not coming to the South Side so are we going to overpay for Aaron Rowand? Then the death blow. The Tigers trade for Miguel Cabrera AND Dontrelle Willis. Ozzie and Kenny made it sound like Miguel was already here just like they did with Torii Hunter. Willis will strengthen an already strong rotation. So we begin the season with a shaky rotation, no answers at third or center field and everyone left over from the glorious 2005 season one year older. I am afraid the picture above from 2005 will be the only World Series celebration I live to see. Yes I am on the ledge

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