Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Welcome back Ben

Ben was sick last night! He came out on fire and didn't let up. He finished with 27 points shooting 12-19 and 3-6 from three point range. He looked like the Gordon of last year when he would launch a shot and you knew it was good. When he plays like this the Bulls are tough to beat and I want him extended. I think ultimately he will be and at a little more that $10 million per. He is the only true offensive threat the Bulls have and I think that other teams know that and game plan against him. This will mean other players will need to step up especially Deng. Tyrus Thomas had a good performance last night as well he played with energy and hit the boards aggressively. I am hoping to see these two continue this tonight against Indiana and Friday against the Knicks. We need to redeem ourselves from that loss to the Knicks at the Garden and hopefully drive another nail into Zeke's coffin, as it is there are probably more nails than coffin. On top of that our schedule gets a little tougher in the next two weeks with games against San Antonio, Houston, Orlando and the Lakers so we need to fatten up now.

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