Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Bulls

As much as I love the Bulls I am disappointed beyond words with their performance this year. While I was watching the game last night I began thinking about the assembly of this team it is basically a bunch of lottery picks and role players. Hinrich 7th, Gordon 3rd, Deng 7th, Thomas 4th, Noah 9th. Hinrich is an average NBA player, Thomas and Noah do the same thing as Wallace however I think that Thomas has a huge upside, Deng is a sidekick on a good team and Gordon is the only one who demands a double team. This being said we still lack a post presence. I am proposing a trade for Pau Gasol, we send Noce, Noah and if we need another body to make salaries match Duhon or Thabo. Our starting five would be Gasol, Wallace, Deng, Gordon and Hinrich when we go to the post and Gasol gets double teamed he can dish to an open Gordon or a slashing Deng. This would leave Smith, Thomas and Gray off the bench.

I've heard that Sam Smith at the Chicago Tribune is proposing a trade for Tracy McGrady and I say no. He is only twenty eight but has a ton of miles and a bad back and we would probably overpay to get him. I think that Houston is going in a different direction and would love to unload him. I do think it will be interesting to see what happens as we near the trade wire. And finally Bulls fans who should go Pax or Skiles? Let me know what you think

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