Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lynne Spears is the last person I need advice from

I read yesterday that on top of her younger daughter being pregnant her parenting book has been put on indefinite hold. Seeing Britney go from pop queen to gutter tramp to rehab to where ever she is now was evidence enough I didn't need her help. But now that her sixteen year old daughter is pregnant just reinforces my inkling. In Jamie Lynn's statement she said it was with her longtime boyfriend so it is okay. WTF? You're sixteen how longtime is your longtime boyfriend? I have had one longtime girlfriend and I am married to her! I hope that they pull her crappy show off of Nick not because she is pregnant but because it is horribly bad. My younger daughter watches it and whenever it starts my eyes begin to bleed but I digress. The report on the book is that it was going to have strong elements of faith in it. I can only guess she is praying to a different God than I am unless her prayer was something like "Dear God give me one daughter who will deliver me from my trailer park existence and a second who will follow my footsteps into teen pregnancy, Amen"

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