Thursday, September 27, 2007


Over the weekend I was flipping through the channels and Gross Pointe Blank was on TNT I had forgotten how much I enjoyed this movie. I think my favorite scenes are when John Cusack is explaining to Minnie Driver how he became and assassin and the line " a good eye a steady hand and a certain moral flexibility" I thought that was classic. Also up there is when John kills the assassin played by karate great Benny Uriquez, then while 99 Luftballons is playing Jeremy Piven helps him dispose of the body.

The second is Airplane!

Everyone remembers the scene where the kid comes to the cockpit and Kareen Abdul Jabbar is the co-pilot. I have taken the liberty to rewrite it with a new co-pilot.

None other than Charlie Weis.

Young Joey enters the cockpit and is introduced to the pilot and notice the familiar face in the co-pilots seat.

Joey: I know you you're Charlie Weis! Coach of Notre Dame.

CW: No I'm not I am Roger Murdoch. I am an airline pilot, you must be mistaken.

Joey: We have season tickets. My dad says your having a bad year I say you are overrated and can't evaluate talent plus your schedule is nothing but fluff come on Duke, the service academies there isn't that much fluff inside of a twinkie. On top of that you're independent so you have no conference games that matter to anyone put you alumni base who rant on about how great ND is and tradition. When was your last national championship? Or meaningful bowl appearance for that matter? The only reason they keep you is because you an alumnus and they ran Ty Willingham out of town.

CW: Ty never had to put up with the pressure I have to! Plus the service academies have guns, tanks, airplanes and battleships! How can I compete against that?

Joey: They don't have any of that stuff. And Ty had a better record at this point in his third season than you do now. Face it the only reason you are still there is because you are a windbag alum part of the good ole boy network. And now they are stuck with you until 2015, there is no lemon law in college football. Just buyers remorse.

CW: I can't hear you I am in my happy place.

Joey: At least you are not alone Romeo Cronell has shit the bed in Cleveland too. Everyone thought that you and he were geniuses when you were winning championships in New England I guess it really was Bill Belichick afterall. Are you crying coach?

CW: Stewardess please take Joey back to his seat.

Joey: Better luck next year!

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