Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Coach Chizik meets with his life coach

Coach: Come in.
TD: Glad you called me coach.
CC: Thanks for stopping by Tom on such short notice.
TD: You sounded worried on the phone so I rushed right over.
CC: I am a little worried Tom.
TD: Worried? I guess all fans out there are expecting another victory this weekend against Toledo. You may have opened Pandora box victories around here have been hard to come by.
CC: Damn right. What the hell do they think I'm capable of, if Iowa hadn't shit the bed we would be winless and there would be no pressure at all. Now because I beat a team that quite frankly is no good to begin with they expect results! Then Nebraska, Texas Tech, Texas and Oklahoma I can't win any of those games.
TD: At least you are being honest with yourself, that is a good thing. You're right you gave them a taste of what they were looking for. Last year they only won four games and at one point lost six in a row and then they barely beat Missouri. You gave them a drink or water while they were staggering thirstly in the desert. Gene wake up you are their Moses, lead them to the promised land!
CC: All I wanted was a head coaching job make some money and some free meals once in a while.
TD: You mean pull a Steve Alford?
CC: If he can do it why can't I?
TD: Your bigger than that Gene. Cyclone Nation has put their trust in you. Worse case scenario you get fired in a few years and get a coordinator job out of the spotlight and invest well I think that was Dan's plan.
CC: You always know how to cheer me up.
TD: My pleasure Coach.

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