Saturday, September 22, 2007

Disturbing trend

This week has been homecoming week at my daughters school so we've attended a few of the festivities and I noticed something disturbing. There of course were quite a few young men walking around in camouflage hats with plaid shirts with the sleeves cut off. To me this is disturbing on a couple levels; first people are knowingly and willing dressing like Larry the Cable Guy. I've never understood the appeal of this guy who parades around stupidly peddling his one line joke and it frightens me that these youth think it is cool. We may want to turn these parents into child protective services for abuse or neglect. However they are probably beaming proudly as their progeny strut around looking stupid. Second why would someone cut the sleeves off a perfectly good shirt? Sleeves are there for a purpose, one is for warmth or shorter sleeves for wear in warmer environments. There is also the whole idea of covering your armpits and side fat. I guess what I am asking the youth and parents of Central Iowa please leave the sleeves on the shirts, you would be performing a public service; thanks in advance for your participation.

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Anonymous said...

I fear for the future